WSOP 2023: Julio “Bartolo” Belluscio Wins His First Bracelet

WSOP 2023: Julio

Julio “Bartolo” Belluscio won the WSOP 2023 Event #73 Mixed High Stakes in Las Vegas to earn his country a fifth bracelet.

The tournament had 377 entrants (a record for the event), totaled $2,500, and allocated $838,825 in prize money to the best 57 players. These include Shaun Deeb (No. 4 No. 9), Scotty Nguyen (No. 46), Andres Korn (No. 44 -U$S 4,398), Chad Eveslage (No. 38) (No. 38), Jeremy Ausmus (No. 32), Jon Turner (No. 11) and STRENT overcame tough opponents such as Benny Glaser , Anthony Zinno and Erik Lindgren and finally scored his first career hand in the final feet, and his biggest live performance: U$S 190.2 40. He got it on his 11th WSOP cash and his first table. With this result, he raised his prize money for the live event to U$S 792,503 and climbed to 23rd place in the ranking of top paid Argentine players.

Champion’s statement: “I’m hoping to win the 15 year bracelet this year, I play hard in the game, I’ve always been confident in the game. I don’t know my waist when I’m on my game.” He added: “My friends on the rail gave me more confidence and security. If I were a finalist in the main event, I would spend $100,000 to bring all my friends and family and they would see the loudest rails ever.

Bartolo celebrating with the rails/Photo: Rachel Kay Miller

This is how the final table is defined:


B elluscioArgentinau$s


QuevedoCosta Ricau$s 117.5173Benny GlaserEnglandu$s 7 8. 9394 Tomasz Gluszko Poland Du$s 54.1185 Erick Lindgren US u$s 37.9016 Hye Park US u$s 27.1307 Anthony Zinno US u$s 19.857 Champ’s Words.

We reached out to Bartolo to ask how he felt after his victory and he told us the following: “I felt a great joy and a sense of accomplishment. If you get it right, malaria isn’t forever”. In the game, he faced Benny Glaser , Steve Zolotow , Erik Lindgren and Scotty

The game has 7 thorough modes, he told us: “Support you are a kid who can play online, otherwise you can quickly adapt to any obvious mode. Some people you will play better, worse, worse, I will be more comfortable, but I will be worse in my situation. Where I played 1.5k events, where I was ugly and 10k events. In this case, I killed them in this mode, I feel very comfortable.” For those who always trust my game, mainly It’s Cacho Korn, Ale Giraudo and Román Suárez”.

WSOP 2023: Julio

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