Roja scores 22 wins in Wednesday’s PokerStars MTT

Roja scores 22 wins in Wednesday's PokerStars MTT

Yesterday PokerStars looked again at the Regular Tournament. The House of Red Spades organized seven MTTs with jackpots of over €10,000 and prize money of up to €104,000. No ended in a Spanish victory. Portugal won 4 games, France won 2 games and Brazil won 1 game.

In smaller tournaments, La Roja won a total of 22 MTTwins yesterday. These are Wednesday’s Spanish winners:

Espanyol gets 10double and balance sheet in HU Negative for our team: 121st vs. 16 Second Place.

These are the results of the Five Figure Jackpot Tournament on Wednesday :

  1. NBAnoSMOKE (Mini Thunder 10 EUR. Prize money: EUR 2,773.40. Number of entries: 2,615. Prize pool: EUR 23,535. Country: France).
  2. Mr. Math (Thunder) €50. Bonus: 3,383 €.35. Number of entries: 456. Prize pool: €20,520. Country: Brazil).
  3. bambou747 (Night of Stars €100. Prize money: €2,236.97. Number of entries: 119. Number of entries: 119. Prize pool: €10,710. Country: France).
  4. virivigaristaaa (Bounty Generator €10. Prize Pool: €1,293.79. Number of Games: 1,274. Prize Pool: €11,466. Country: Portugal).
  5. Daikoku 01 (Bounty generator £20. Prize pool: €1,597.85. Number of entries: 589. Prize pool: €10,602. Country: Portugal).
  6. wipe out (Big Bang) £50. Prize money: 2,686.66 euros. Number of entries: 245. Prize pool: €11,025. Country: Portugal).
  7. MadFuck96 (Bounty Night €10. Prize pool: €1,961.73. Number of entries: 1,903. Prize pool: £17,127. Country: Portugal).

Today the PokerStars Daily Tournament awaits us.

Roja scores 22 wins in Wednesday's PokerStars MTT

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