Pablo Brito and Pedro Padilha fall after each other in the main event of Afterparty High

Pablo Brito and Pedro Padilha fall after each othe...

With the New Year’s Series returning to PokerStars, Brazil has three players in the decider of Game 21-H of the Mini-Series Main Event: $5,200 No-Limit Hold’em Main Event (8-Max, Mystery Prize) gold). Rodrigo Selouan finished in seventh place, earning $24,933 and five bounties. Pedro Padilha (5th) and Pablo Brito (4th) fell, leaving the team with $37,699 and $46,356 respectively.

Padilha confirmed his dominance in the deciding set. Even after losing the lead, the Samba member maintained a good stack until he was eliminated:

The blinds were 30,000/60,000, the ante was 7,500, and Alexander Girs’ opening push was 442,496. To his left, Padilha risked 2,205,424 in chips, going all-in over the limit. CL “Leqenden” then called with A♥A♠. Girs held A♣10♦ while Padilha held A♣7♦. The flop K♥J♠3♥ and the turn Q♥ gave Girs the lead, but the river 6♥ gave “Leqenden” two outs, who earned both bounties.

“Leqenden failed to stop there and took all of Pablo’s chips. In a blind battle, the 9tales player made an open push with 16 BBS and was “ Leqenden” was called. Pablo dominated with A♣4 ♦ against A Check 6 , and had no chance on the board with 9 ♦J ♣J ♣K 5 ♠ .

Later, “Leqenden” Throwing in the towel in heads-up action saw the title fall to Thomas Mühlöcker. The winner earned a total of $86,186. Meanwhile, the runner-up’s balance increased by $70,091.

Pablo Brito and Pedro Padilha fall after each othe...


  • This text provides information about the New Years Series in PokerStars, specifically highlighting the achievements of three Brazilian players in the Mini-Series Main Event. It describes their positions and earnings, as well as the final moments of the competition. The winner received $86,186, and the runner-up’s balance increased by $70,091.

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