KSOP GGPoker: Luana Corniani Wins Women’s Event

Luana Corniani Continues Heads-Up, but Wins Women'...

On Sunday (06), KSOP GGPoker Premium held the final table of the women’s event with 9 players participating. After a long afternoon and many emotions, the title went to Luana Corniani from San Caetano do São Paulo do Sul. The recreational player overcame the challenge of 49 entrants and celebrated her first win on the track.

Luana received a generous bonus of R$ 8,000 after investing R$ 500. After finishing the women’s competition, she was ecstatic. “It’s an indescribable feeling. I’m very happy. Especially when you’re playing with the pros, I feel a little bit insecure as a casual player. I thank God first of all.” In a word.

The women’s final table had a clear scenario: the top three in chips had a huge advantage over the rest of the players. Luana is the chip leader and has a good chance to put pressure on his opponent, especially since the prize pool only includes the top five. But this “responsibility” puts pressure on future champions.

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“Actually, it made me even more insecure because I usually play short-stacked,” he said with a laugh. “So when I was the chip leader, I had to push harder and harder, and then I got scared. I lost to the runner-up in chips and felt like I was short. The shutters were turbocharged, she recalled. “You’ll get a little bit”.

The players agreed to increase the reward for sixth place, increasing the number of places up for grabs. But the result didn’t affect the momentum, and Luana faced the That’s right, the top two opponents at the start of the table were Lidi Rocha and Amanda Silva. The final matchup was against the Goiás players and it was very exciting.

Korniani had the upper hand and was in good position to make it happen. She dominated Lidi with a 66 pre-flop all-in against A3, but her opponent found a straight double .Another 66 landed in her hands and this time she did not disappoint. She won the coin toss against KT to regain the lead and confirm her victory shortly afterwards.

Check out the prizes for the finalists:

1. – Luana Corniani – R$ 8,000

2. Location – Lidi Rocha – R$6,500

3rd Place 4th Place – Amanda Silva – R$4,200

4th Place – Shanna Kroll – R$2,900

5th Place – Hellen Carneiro – R$ 1,650

Sixth place – Leia Menezes – R$ 1,000

Luana Corniani Continues Heads-Up, but Wins Women'...

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