Jefferson Dias hits big at the PokerStars tables

Jeferson Dias Takes 2nd Place and Big Win at Poker...

The great prizes of Brazilian poker continue to be offered at the PokerStars tables. This Sunday (06), pace trainer Jeferson Dias scored one of the most notable results.

Using his JefersonBonfim account, this pro placed 2nd in US MidStakes Madness Event #04 and took home a $55 mini bounty. The Builder HR field has 6,952 entries. It turned out that Jeferson earned $22,626 and he landed his first big hit on the site.

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Meanwhile, Team Brazil dominated Event #02 in the $109 Sunday Warm-up with 1,195 entries and the podium was won by two from Team 4Bet Poker group of people. Arthur Torres “AT_prodotico” won $16,204 and Bernardo Dias “bedias” was runner-up for $16,318.

In the end it was Brazil’s strong showing in the $1,050 Sunday Super High Roller with 135 entries from account manager “Alada222”. The player placed third and earned a bronze medal of $14,877.

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Midstakes Madness 04: $55 Mini Bounty Builder HR “Ghiiiiiiiiiiiisi” 3rd place $13,852 Midstakes Madness 07: $55 Sunday Supreme “Giulianno Ma” 2nd place $12,442 Midstakes Madness 03: US$22 NLH 6-MAX “FUàallin” 1st place US$12,298 Bounty generator US$109 Edson Tsutsumi “Tsutsumijr7 ” 1st US$10,974 US$109 Sunday Cooldown Leo Alcânta “LEOALCANTARE ” LEOALCANTAM: US$55 Mini Bounty Generator HR “DavidSutiL” 4th US$9,730 Midstakes Madness 07: US$55 Sunday Highest Marcelo Aziz “marceloaziz” 3rd place US$8,764 US$27 Sunday Eliminator “Leoarara” 1st place US$8,413 US$109 Sunday Fenomeno Dennys Ramos “dennysramos2” 3rd place US$8,102 Bounty generator US$109 Jonathan Guedes “johnyguedes1” 2nd place US$7,003 US$27 Sunday Eliminator “Galo.B Ancheng” 2nd place US$6,704 US$530 Bounty generator HR Late Pedro Padilha “PaDiLhA SP” 1 US$6,588 109 Sunday Fenomeno Jonathan Guedes “johnyguedes1” 4th place US$5,775 Bounty generation US$162 Matheus Schell “@tetaschell” 1st US$5,368 US$22 Double Deuce “c4444 44” 1st US$5,037

Jeferson Dias Takes 2nd Place and Big Win at Poker...


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