Felipe Ketzer’s eventful run at GGPoker World Awards Event 81-H

At the end of the second week of the GGPoker World Awards, Felipe Ketzer had another great day. In Event 81-H: $525 Bounty Hunters HR [Ultradeep], he finished third out of 1,477 entrants, a feat that netted him $39,813.

Heretic is one map behind fifth place. Eliminate matches with one hand. He beat Yakov “YaNesterov” Nesterov’s 8♦8♥ with K♠10♠ and won with J♥A♥J♦3♥K♦.

Russians and Brazilians fought until Heretic was defeated by their opponents in 5-hand mode. Another all-in pre-flop, A♥J♥ against A♣6♣, brings teammate 2♠2♦2♥4♦9♣ to the table.

Infidel’s next bounty remains the same. He goes out with A♦Q♦, defends against a big hand, and declares a 3-bet. Here, too, “Matador” made a move, pushing his 20 BBS into the middle of the table and getting called. The Austrian had no chance with A♠7♣ on a board of K♣6♠K♥J♣K♠.

Despite his momentum, Ketzer was unable to keep pace with his last opponent. To mark his departure, he 3-bet all-in with 23 BBS. The Russian “Nanulik” called with 10♥10♣. Ketzer held A♠6♣ and found no outs on the edge of K♥6♥K♣3♦9♥.

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