Combomania by PokerMatch: ₴1,000,000 for boost table players

Combomania by PokerMatch: ₴1,000,000 for boost tab...


  • How can I participate in Combomania promotions?
  • Daily and global Combomania leaderboards
  • Daily sign-up bonus

Ukrainian poker room PokerMatch is constantly organizing various series of tournaments and introducing new bonuses and promotional offers to its users. Today, the room announced a rake race for cash players on the booster tables.

From the 22nd of May to the 19th of June, poker room Combomania will take place, where the fastest hold’em and best players will win prizes worth ₴1,000,000 in Omaha cash games. Each player has the chance to win up to $5,000 by playing a specified number of hands.

How do I get involved? Combo mania?

To be a winner of the promotion, you must play at Fast Cash Hold’em and Omaha tables with betting limits of $0.02/$0.05 or higher. For collecting combos, players earn points on daily and global leaderboards. The older the poker players are, the more points they earn on the leaderboard:

Composite points earned on the leaderboard

However, things are not that simple. Leaderboard points are awarded based on a certain number of tickets. Minimum lot size varies by time period:

  • 200 lots per day from 22nd to 29th May.
  • 300 items per day from May 29th to June 5th.
  • 500 entries per day from June 5th to June 12th.
  • 700 entries per day June 12-19.

If the user manages to complete all tasks, they will be rewarded with a leaderboard reward of 50 points. Only the above number of transactions within the specified time period will count as a promotion.

Combomania Daily and Global Leaderboards As mentioned earlier, this event will have two types of leaderboards: Daily . ) and global (a global). Poker players who finish 1-100 on the daily leaderboard will receive an ace worth up to $100. These winnings are paid out in the form of game rewards (game currency). The daily payout probability for A in the leaderboard is as follows: Ace Win Probability

on the global leaderboards where poker players get fixed expenditure. The top 100 players in the Combomania promotion will receive leaderboard prizes at the end of the promotion, with the winner receiving $5,000. Bonus payment for entering leaderboard

June 20 at 15:00 (Kiev time) allocation) payment. However, prizes do not require wagering.

Daily Prizes Sign Up Bonuses

Our poker room bonuses are not over yet. From May 22nd to June 1st, all PokerMatch players can claim the Ace with Bonus, be it cash games or tournaments, simply by logging into their accounts. So, by logging into your account, you can claim up to $50 worth of prizes per day.

Ace Payout Probability

All-in shootout starts at 18:00 every day. The top ten winners share the $100 prize pool. You can only get one trump card per day. Good luck at the poker table!

Combomania by PokerMatch: ₴1,000,000 for boost tab...

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  • Elnora.reinger

    The text provides information about Combomania promotions in the Ukrainian poker room PokerMatch. Players can participate in daily and global leaderboards and have the chance to win prizes worth ₴1,000,000. Additionally, there are sign-up bonuses and daily prizes available during the promotional period.

  • This text is providing information about the Combomania promotions and opportunities for players to win prizes in cash games. It explains the requirements for participation and the potential rewards, including daily bonuses and global leaderboards.

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