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Win Big Prizes in the KSOP GGPoker Advanced Quiz

Win Big Prizes in the KSOP GGPoker Advanced Quiz

As always, GGPoker will make every effort to ensure players have a good experience at KSOP. At the Rio event, in addition to the prize money of 10 million reais, the largest site in the world will organize a quiz on the general situation of the game, KSOP, its features and other topics.

Those who find the correct answer will win a hat, a GG mouse pad, a mug, a sweatshirt, and even a R$1,000 GG Experience tournament buy-in. The latter promises to be one of the funniest events at the festival.

You can choose to take the quiz individually or in pairs. It’s very easy to play. To learn more about participating in the tournament, interested parties can click here or visit the GGPoker booth at KSOP in person for all the necessary information.

Quizzes take place directly on participants’ smartphones in an intuitive and well-designed format, ensuring a smooth and fun experience.

Win Big Prizes in the KSOP GGPoker Advanced Quiz

Roja scores 22 wins in Wednesday’s PokerStars MTT

Roja scores 22 wins in Wednesday's PokerStars MTT

Yesterday PokerStars looked again at the Regular Tournament. The House of Red Spades organized seven MTTs with jackpots of over €10,000 and prize money of up to €104,000. No ended in a Spanish victory. Portugal won 4 games, France won 2 games and Brazil won 1 game.

In smaller tournaments, La Roja won a total of 22 MTTwins yesterday. These are Wednesday’s Spanish winners:

Espanyol gets 10double and balance sheet in HU Negative for our team: 121st vs. 16 Second Place.

These are the results of the Five Figure Jackpot Tournament on Wednesday :

  1. NBAnoSMOKE (Mini Thunder 10 EUR. Prize money: EUR 2,773.40. Number of entries: 2,615. Prize pool: EUR 23,535. Country: France).
  2. Mr. Math (Thunder) €50. Bonus: 3,383 €.35. Number of entries: 456. Prize pool: €20,520. Country: Brazil).
  3. bambou747 (Night of Stars €100. Prize money: €2,236.97. Number of entries: 119. Number of entries: 119. Prize pool: €10,710. Country: France).
  4. virivigaristaaa (Bounty Generator €10. Prize Pool: €1,293.79. Number of Games: 1,274. Prize Pool: €11,466. Country: Portugal).
  5. Daikoku 01 (Bounty generator £20. Prize pool: €1,597.85. Number of entries: 589. Prize pool: €10,602. Country: Portugal).
  6. wipe out (Big Bang) £50. Prize money: 2,686.66 euros. Number of entries: 245. Prize pool: €11,025. Country: Portugal).
  7. MadFuck96 (Bounty Night €10. Prize pool: €1,961.73. Number of entries: 1,903. Prize pool: £17,127. Country: Portugal).

Today the PokerStars Daily Tournament awaits us.

Roja scores 22 wins in Wednesday's PokerStars MTT

CBPE identifies 12 teams to qualify for Day Two

CBPE sets final day of qualifiers, big teams still...

The Brazilian Team Championship (CBPE) started yesterday and even without prize money, the tournament brought together many of the country’s best players to represent their states. On day one, all 19 teams were looking for their best performances. By the end of the day, 12 of those teams had advanced to Day 2.

In the grand meeting atmosphere of CBPE, all teams participated in different competitions: Sit and Go NLH – 6 Max KO , Sit and Go PLO – 6 Max KO, Heads Up, Sit and GO NLH – 10 Hands and Sit and Go Dealer’s Choice (NLH and PLO) – 10 Hands KO. The Sergipe team topped the standings on day one.

Sergipe played well under coach Rafael Betão, taking the lead with 84 points. Alexandre Rivero’s Rio de Janeiro are second with 78 points, while coach Piragibe Lindolfo’s Pará round out the top three with 64 points.

From Paraná State , defending champions, teams from Rio Grande do Norte, Alagoas, São Paulo, Tocantins, Amazonas, Paraiba, Goias and Rio Grande do Sul also made it through, The latter lead by one point over the first team outside the qualifying zone.

People from the states of Pernambuco, Ceará, Minas Gerais, Bahia, Mato Grosso, Rondonia and the Federal District are out of luck , was eliminated on the first day. The 12 qualifier teams returned to the tables today to determine the overall winner of the deep stacked Bookers’ Choice tournaments (NLH and PLO) – 10-man KO.

The game will resume today at 2:00 pm. 00:00 pm The CBPE champion team will receive trophies for their achievements, while all other players will receive medals.

CBPE sets final day of qualifiers, big teams still...

Yuri Martins and Allan Mello Take 85 FT in WSOP Event

Yuri Martins and Allan Mello Take 85 FT in WSOP Ev...

On the final Saturday of the 2023 WSOP, two national stars will battle it out for the gold bracelet. At the end of Day 2 of Event 85: $1,500 NL Hold’em Shootout, Yuri Martins and Allan Mello were among the ten finalists. Due to the format of the tournament, they have nearly the same stack size as their opponents.

During the second period of the tournament, Yuri walked past a table filled with the names of Sebastian Gale, Brian Hastings and others. and Julian Pineda. None of them could match the three-time WSOP champion, who even struggled in a heads-up match against Lee. After some head-to-head duels, the 9tales member flopped 8♥8♠ VERSUS A♣J♣ to defeat the last of his opponents.

Allan Mello (Allan Mello) also took a while to confirm that he can reach the final. On the bubble, he won a pre-flop all-in with A♥J♠ vs. K 10♣, ending Ukraine’s Vadim Shlez.

Gustavo Mastelotto just missed another bracelet. Faraz Jaka confirmed his ninth WSOP FT by beating the Santa Catarina native. He and Fabiano Kovalski, who fell earlier, both won $5,759.

Play resumes at 15:00 (BST) with blinds 15,000/30,000, BB ante. Check chip count:

1st place: Mo Zhou (China) 2,465,000

2nd place: Ao Chen (USA) 2,465,000

3rd place: Adam Friedman (USA) 2,415,000

Fourth place: Faraz Jaka (USA) 2,450,000

Fifth place: Matteo Cavelier (France) 2,420,000

Sixth place: Olga Iermolcheva (USA). ) 2,450,000

Seventh place: Yuri Martins (Brazil) 2,415,000

Eighth place: Michael Feinstein (USA) 2,415,000

Ninth place Name: Edward Moroczkowski (USA) 2,440,000

10th Place: Alan Mello (USA) 2,420,000

Award Ceremony

1 . $237,367

2. $146,686

3. $109,780

4. $82,954

5. $63,295

6. $48,772

7. $37,955

8. $29,834

9. $23,689

10. $19,003

Yuri Martins and Allan Mello Take 85 FT in WSOP Ev...

Negreanu and Polk face off in High Stakes Showdown

Daniel Negreanu and Doug Polk face off again in $2...

High-value duel, this is a scenic spot The tournament, which is popular all over the world in heads-up duels, is about to enter its fourth edition. The new season kicks off after Jason Koon wins Episode 03 and ace Daniel Negreanu wins his first duel against businessman Eric Persson.

The tournament brought the GGPoker Ambassador $100,000 to guarantee his seat. For the second game, a new opponent is to be determined. Kid Poker’s new high-stakes duel opponents are now known. This will be a battle that will go down in history.

Daniel Negreanu’s new opponent on the show is none other than Doug Polk, a one-on-one expert with whom Negreanu An Epic Showdown Starring Negreanu In 2021, Polk crushed the Canadian mercilessly in a 25,000-hand tournament that ended with more than $1 million in prize money This duel.

They are on poker The competition has been going on for a long time, and now the duel has become more intense. After a crushing loss in a historic fight that was widely commented on by the entire community, Negreanu will have a rematch in an attempt to change the scene seen in the last fight between them.

It’s also worth remembering that their moments are very different. Despite poker’s controversies, Doug Polk has been having a good run lately, finishing second in WSOP Event #08 (heads up, of course). Polk earned $313,362 in prize money in that tournament.

Daniel Negreanu, on the other hand, has had a rough run at the biggest poker series in the world. He opened his numbers and has already lost over $800,000 at the WSOP. With the Canadian still hoping to turn the series around, he’ll have plenty of time to prepare for a new matchup, which won’t take place until August.

The official date has not yet been determined, but before and after the expected matchup, many people who watched the first confrontation were already excited. This time the $200,000 prize pool goes entirely to the winner. The buy-in fee is $100,000.

Daniel Negreanu and Doug Polk face off again in $2...

2023 Main Event: Julio Belluscio Day 2ABC 2nd Place

2023 Main Event: Julio Belluscio Day 2ABC 2nd Plac...

Argentinian Julio Belluscio was a key player in Day 2ABC of the 2023 Main Event on Friday, July 7, finishing second in chips.

About 196 players registered via late registration for the largest Main Event in history, with 9,500 entries so far and a $90,000,000 prize pool. Day 2D is still the last chance to participate. All players participating in the Record Tournament received a commemorative card set.

Giveaway PSA to all Main Event attendees! To celebrate the record-breaking Main Event, all participants will be protected with a special card! If you get busted on day one, you can head over to the @GGPoker lounge tomorrow to claim your winnings.

– WSOP – World Series of Poker (@WSOP) July 8, 2023

After five rounds of 120 minutes of blind levels, approx. 1,877 players got chips Day 3, led by Christopher Brammer, covered 879 kilometers. In second place is Julio “Bartolo” Belluscio with a whopping 825,000 in chips (134 big blinds). A few days ago, he won his 73rd event and said that if he reached the main event final, he would be the loudest in history. Also up are 2020 champion Damián Salas (147,000) and ex-footballer Sergio”Kun” Aguero (237,000).

Damián Salas Latin American players who survived ABC Day 2:

Julio Belluscio 🇦🇷 (825,000), Christopher Backhouse 🇬🇹 (469,000) , Mariano Gondolo 🇦 🇷 (449K), José Ferro 🇨🇴 (362K), Manuel Porchardt 🇦 🇷 (362K), Lucas Porchardt 🇦🇷 (330K), Joaquin Melonio 🇺🇾 (308K), Joel Trevino 🇲🇽(300K), Giuseppe Callio🇦🇷(293K), Adrian Troia🇵🇦(284K), Andrea Acarri🇧🇷(240K), Sergio Sergio Aguero 🇦 🇷 (237K), Leonardo Davigluz 🇦🇷 (232K), Steven Thompson 🇨🇷 (231K), Diego Sanchez 🇲🇽 (229K), Danny Grogan > 🇬🇹 (226K), Ezequiel Waigel 🇦🇷 (225K), Ramiro Petrone 🇦🇷 (197K), Francis Cruz 🇩🇴 (191K), Gareth New 🇬 🇹 ( 188K), Roman Hrabec 🇲🇽 (180K), Mathias Duarte 🇺🇾 (179K), Yuri Dzivielevski 🇧🇷 (175K), Agustin Naranja Naranja) 🇦🇷 (174K) , David Jacob Montoya 🇲🇽 (174K), Michael Acevedo 🇨🇷 (171K), Diego Ventura 🇵🇪 (168K), Christian Stival 🇦🇷 (159K), Simon Malemachy 🇦🇷 (158K), Mathias Scarfort 🇺🇾 (153K), Maximiliano Gallardo 🇦🇷 (152K), Blas Torres 🇦🇷 (152K), Damian Salas 🇦🇷 (147K), Johann Ibanez 🇨🇴 (147K), Jorge Briones 🇵🇦 (146K), Carlos Lim strong> 🇵🇦 (145K), Luciano Comaromi 🇺🇾 (140,000), Francisco Benitez 🇺🇾 (134,000), Marco Zevo La 🇦🇷 (134,000), Andrés Campello 🇲🇽 (121,000), Angel Gillan (111,000), Hua Kim Beretta 🇦🇷 (109,000), Juan Manuel Pérez Solari 🇦🇷 (109,000), Jorge Dominguez 🇦🇷 (105K), Omar Barretta 🇦🇷 (105K), Jose Moore 🇺🇾 (104K), Christie Ann Penacastro 🇨 🇴 ( 102K), Andres Jeckeln 🇦🇷 (100K), Lucas Cortijo 🇦🇷 (94K), Francisco Picasso 🇵🇪 (90K) , Federico Roberto 🇦🇷 (87K) , Maximiliano Vega 🇦🇷 (72K), Augusto Hagen 🇦 🇷 (64K), Matias Gabrenja 🇦🇷 (64K), Julio Cesar Torres 🇲 🇽 (59,000), Edward Do Du Bizar 🇦🇷 (58,000), Juan Sepulveda🇲🇽 (51,000), Sergio Barrios🇲🇽 (49,000 ), Smit Trivedi强> 🇬🇹 (46,000) and Martin Lategui 🇺🇾 (34,000).

2023 Main Event: Julio Belluscio Day 2ABC 2nd Plac...

WSOP 2023: Julio “Bartolo” Belluscio Wins His First Bracelet

WSOP 2023: Julio

Julio “Bartolo” Belluscio won the WSOP 2023 Event #73 Mixed High Stakes in Las Vegas to earn his country a fifth bracelet.

The tournament had 377 entrants (a record for the event), totaled $2,500, and allocated $838,825 in prize money to the best 57 players. These include Shaun Deeb (No. 4 No. 9), Scotty Nguyen (No. 46), Andres Korn (No. 44 -U$S 4,398), Chad Eveslage (No. 38) (No. 38), Jeremy Ausmus (No. 32), Jon Turner (No. 11) and STRENT overcame tough opponents such as Benny Glaser , Anthony Zinno and Erik Lindgren and finally scored his first career hand in the final feet, and his biggest live performance: U$S 190.2 40. He got it on his 11th WSOP cash and his first table. With this result, he raised his prize money for the live event to U$S 792,503 and climbed to 23rd place in the ranking of top paid Argentine players.

Champion’s statement: “I’m hoping to win the 15 year bracelet this year, I play hard in the game, I’ve always been confident in the game. I don’t know my waist when I’m on my game.” He added: “My friends on the rail gave me more confidence and security. If I were a finalist in the main event, I would spend $100,000 to bring all my friends and family and they would see the loudest rails ever.

Bartolo celebrating with the rails/Photo: Rachel Kay Miller

This is how the final table is defined:


B elluscioArgentinau$s


QuevedoCosta Ricau$s 117.5173Benny GlaserEnglandu$s 7 8. 9394 Tomasz Gluszko Poland Du$s 54.1185 Erick Lindgren US u$s 37.9016 Hye Park US u$s 27.1307 Anthony Zinno US u$s 19.857 Champ’s Words.

We reached out to Bartolo to ask how he felt after his victory and he told us the following: “I felt a great joy and a sense of accomplishment. If you get it right, malaria isn’t forever”. In the game, he faced Benny Glaser , Steve Zolotow , Erik Lindgren and Scotty

The game has 7 thorough modes, he told us: “Support you are a kid who can play online, otherwise you can quickly adapt to any obvious mode. Some people you will play better, worse, worse, I will be more comfortable, but I will be worse in my situation. Where I played 1.5k events, where I was ugly and 10k events. In this case, I killed them in this mode, I feel very comfortable.” For those who always trust my game, mainly It’s Cacho Korn, Ale Giraudo and Román Suárez”.

WSOP 2023: Julio

Article: Money Management

Article: Money Management

Whether you are playing No Limit Texas Hold’em, Pot Limit Omaha (Plo), Pot Limit Omaha 5 (Plo5) or any other simple style, proper bankroll management is One even has some casual players and some professionals, for the real key to success. In this article, I will give you tips on how to develop good bankroll management with information on how to formulate and calculate parameters based on yourself as a player. Pure capital is the player’s initial investment in “pure game money”. You should never take all your money and risk it in the game, even if you are a horrible player. All forms of intuition:northeast have something in common. For example, unlike a game like chess, there is little difference that the best games always tend to occur in the middle of the attack (short and medium term), as you might imagine Well, that’s not quite the case . Obviously the difference will be higher or higher depending on the sport. The difference, as the math explains it, is the standard deviation squared, the standard deviation gain, the gain gain. The effect, and the reason for the difference in standard deviation, and the natural mechanics of the game in question and the player’s gameplay, is tighter, looser, more than aggressive. For example, according to the famous Primedop e website, the standard deviation is like this for different sports:

As mentioned in the image title, this statistic (standard deviation) can be found accurately taking into account not only the mode you play in, but also the style of play in the tracker (HUD) you use.

A bankroll large enough to withstand the natural game changes of ups and downs is the key to success for both professional and casual players. As good as you are, if your capital realizes that the risk of destruction is low, you could go broke.

The risk of ruin or risk of destruction is the risk of the player (his trigger rate at this moment, the standard deviation of his game, and his bankroll differential), losing everything. Cai said that your Abandoned Remains Risk Population (ROR) depends on 3 personal identities:

– Your bankroll size – Your trigger rate – Your standard deviation (SD) amount

Win rate is translated as “trigger rate”. Interestingly for the intuitive players in the US, we not only correlate rate with the expectation of financial gain, but also express its parity with the blind involved. For example, winning $10,000 in 5/10 blinds at (r$) is completely different than winning $10,000 at $0.50/1 in (r$) 0.50/1 blinds. Therefore, the ultimate rate is calculated by 3 simple rules, as shown in the figure below:

From this math, the “X” will represent your trigger rate in bb/100, after all, your win rate in big blinds per 100 hands.

To reduce the risk of spoilage, you can play with bigger bankrolls, raise the level of your game, and thus spoil, or lower the bar for your style of play. However, the point is that changing the standard deviation is the hardest task, because this is more important than the game itself. The mechanics are more up to you than you are. For example, Texas Hold’em has 1,326 possible palmistry combinations, PLO has 270,725, and Plo5’s combinations have 2,5 98,960 combos.

Likely to add to this is the impact of stocks that affect opponents versus hands or ranges versus ranges. Even from this combination common sense, you can see, for example, that the stock in Plo5 is nearly double the run in Texas Hold’em. While A-A in a random hand in Texas has about 85% equity, Aaxyz in Plo5 also only has 60% equity.

To get the number of possible combinations in any given game, we use combinatorial analysis, which goes through the following formula:

For example, for Texas Hold’em we will use n = 52 because there are 52 cards in the deck, and P = 2 because we get 2 cards at a time. Therefore, it will be: 52! /(2!*(52-2)!) = 52! /[2*(50!)] = (52*51)/2 = 1326.

So even if you’re an ultimate member, since, if you have an edge on the venue, there’s no guarantee you won’t break the bank. In fact, even after years of success, several of the world’s biggest names apparently went bankrupt. For these players, the reason for bankruptcy was mainly one: inadequate bankroll management.

Yamada knows all the stats of the team’s player Wallan Gedson, who currently plays in the (R$) 5/10 blinds in the Supreme a League. All data was collected from Primedope’s Forex Calculator, a forex assistant written by Bill Chen using the basis of Part IV of Chapters 22 to 25 of Stupid Math. On >5/10 Funding r $100,000

For a minimum fund of performing employees, the risk of bankruptcy comes out to less than 5%. We increase funds by 40.99% to reduce risk and increase investor safety.

1 week – 10,000 hands

**Observation or trigger rate comparisons in this table are considered to compare win rate to a player’s trigger probability. This means you can use this forex to compare the statistics of one player with another.

1 month – 40,000 hands

1 month – 480,000 lots

Article: Money Management

Players or pros, that is the question – Edition 117

Player or pro, that is the question

Changing some habits, starting to exercise, eating less processed food – all of these can affect your daily poker success. If you are a poker professional, you need to consider and pay attention to these factors outside of your daily life. It is certainly possible to win by not paying attention to these things; most people of my generation have won without thinking about their surroundings. Today, however, I can’t imagine a professional athlete being successful without striving to continually develop further in as many areas as possible. Other factors that pros need to worry about relate directly to the moment of play. How do you handle meetings? Have you started clicking other links, listening to music or chatting? Do you start playing games engrossed until frustration strikes? The escape options are endless: chat with someone, change the background, choose a different song, “man, I’ve never heard this song before, I just did a quick Google look to see who the artist is”. TV, Netflix, Youtube, Podcasts, Facebook, WhatsApp – just choose your escape route. In the end, the disappointment of that moment of enjoyment will always be there, just one step away. There are so many things we can control when it comes to poker that I find many players flippant when they mention “variance” as a key factor in the equation. Forgive me, I respect variance and its impact, but I believe the famous variance will become less and less relevant if we pay due attention to points we can control, both on and off the table. I believe there is nothing better than absolute focus. Therefore, the least that professional players need to do is to require themselves to remain focused and not distracted during the training process. I suggest you be professional and give your full attention to your work. In this configuration, research and consequent technological development are also improved.

So put all your energy into factors you can control, accept that complaining won’t lead to aces refusing a river meeting, and face the fact that no one cares if you cry. You have to work hard to survive and thrive in a sport as competitive as ours. The space for pure players is getting smaller and smaller, and the rule of professional players is getting earlier and earlier.

Player or pro, that is the question

Turbo Takedown Poker Series Tournament – Tigergaming $575,000 Guaranteed

Turbo Takedown GTD Series on Chico Network Worth $...

US Network has announced a new format tournament series for the final month of spring. Turbo Takedown features 46 PKO tournaments with blinds increasing every 5 minutes and regular Sunday Main Events with guaranteed guarantees increasing to $250,000. You can find all the details about the event in our article.

Turbo Takedown $575,000 GTD серия в сети Chico

Series Features

Year 5 In September, American Chico’s Skins will host a new type of tournament event.

Tigergaming, BetOnline and Sportsbetting will host the Turbo Takedown Series of Poker from May 22-28 with a total guarantee of $575,000 over 47 events.

Once again the organizers have decided to play a little “gimmick” by adding a $250,000 guarantee to the regular Sunday Main Event schedule but keeping the structure the same, this is by no means “turbo” and in this schedule Individual numbers are not given in the table.

We will therefore describe all the details of the festival regardless of this competition:

  1. Every day (except Sunday 28th May) has nearly the same 6 MTT blocks with buy-ins of $5.5, $11, $22, $55, $109, and $215.
  2. Three daily events have a $5,000 guarantee, two have a $10,000 guarantee and one has a $1,000 guarantee. The average margin, excluding ME, was around $4,890, more than $1.5,000 more than COPS Lite in April.
  3. The cheapest tournaments are played by Omaha rules and include 5-card and 6-card variations.
  4. Blinds increase every 5 minutes for all events, starting stacks are 100BB, and the prize pool is divided like a classic PKO tournament.

The final day of Turbo Takedown Sunday offers players the opportunity to play 11 MTTs, including the lowest buy-in event – TurboTakedown $5,000 GTD for just $1.10 – and three $15,000-$30,000 booster guarantees.

Full schedule for the Turbo Takedown Poker series:

Turbo wins $10,000 GTD 26. May

*+7 hours MSC.

$5,000 Knockout Leaderboard

Each day, the top-ranked Knockout in the series will receive a random bonus ticket price.

Turbo Takedown GTD Series on Chico Network Worth $...

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