Americas Cardroom Enjoy Poker Tour to be played in July

Americas Cardroom Enjoy Poker Tour to be played in...

over time. As a result, the agenda is already beginning to fall apart. The Enjoy Poker Tour, which will be backed by Americas Cardroom and feature the greatest players in the area competing in significant events, has officially set its second date for Punta del Este.

The Enjoy Poker Tour will be performed in a fresh iteration with the assistance of Americas Cardroom.

This festival, which made its mark in February, will be performed from July 22 to July 29, but it will now maintain its continuity with its customary competitions.

On Sunday, July 23, a turbo event with a US$50,000 guaranteed prize pool will be contested before the tournament’s US$1,100 buy-in Main Event begins. It will have a US$550 buy-in and be the perfect event to warm up for.

As usual, the Main Event will include four Day 1s between Sunday and Monday, July 24. The next days are Day 2, Day 3, and the Final Table, which takes place on Thursday, July 27. The High Roller, which will begin on the same day and contain a US$300,000 guaranteed prize pool, will attract the finest of the best and end on Friday, July 28.

There will also be a Second Chance and the well-known Mistery Bounty in addition to the HR, which raises a lot of anticipation among all participants. On Saturday, July 29, the current competition will come to an end. 

Americas Cardroom Enjoy Poker Tour to be played in...

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  • This text discusses the upcoming Enjoy Poker Tour, backed by Americas Cardroom, featuring notable players and significant events in Punta del Este. The Main Event, scheduled for July 23, will be preceded by a turbo event and followed by a High Roller tournament, attracting top players and offering large guaranteed prize pools.

  • This text provides information about the Enjoy Poker Tour, which is backed by Americas Cardroom and features top players competing in significant events. The tour’s second date has been set for Punta del Este, with various events scheduled for July 22 to July 29, including a Main Event with a US$1,100 buy-in and a High Roller event with a US$300,000 guaranteed prize pool.

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